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‘The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Cam Model‘, is a How To Tutorial on Getting Started as a Internet Model and Excelling in the Live Sex Chat Industry! I have made over $300,000.00 (U.S.D.) as a cam model in the past 3 years making me land in the top 1% of cam models. Most of the guides on becoming a cam model online are written by cam models who fail and resort to affiliate marketing and even struggle at that. I wrote this cam girls guide based on what REALLY works and what has made me achieve the level of success I have. I have no horse in this race. You can choose to go your own way or you can read carefully and take away the insights I can offer and save yourself lots of pain and mistakes. Shortcut: Here is the list of the top cam girls websites. These are the site you want to focus on!


First off anyone that tells you webcam modeling is easy has an motive. It’s not easy. Crummy cam models who don’t understand business make pennies compared to the dollars I make. Their a dime a dozen and thousands of ladies come and go. The smart ones (many of whom have become close friends) run this game. I do not disclose who I am because I don’t want others copying my exact style and niche but I do want to help other girls be the in the 1% of big time cam girls. Therefore, this guide is way of showing you exactly what I did that lead to my current success as a cam model!


Ultimate Guide to becoming successful as a cam model shows you how to make money internet modeling.

I will be publishing 1 article at a time over the next 3 months of my entire experience as a cam model. I highly suggest you follow the installments and bookmark the tips. It’s laid out neatly and organized well so that you can use it as a road map.

NOTE: Keep in mind the cam modeling business is changing and evolving fast. You have to stay on your toes and watch for new things and keep a keen eye open for new opportunities!

  1. Definition: What is a Cam Model
  2. Male Cam Modeling
  3. Before You Start as a Cam Model
  4. Am I Hot Enough to Be a Cam Model?
  5. Friends of Family (Cam Girl Tips)
  6. Keeping it Secret – I am a Cam Model
  7. Disguises & Hiding Appearance – Cam Models
  8. Giving out Real Information as a Cam Model
  9. Camera Views are Important
  10. Popular Broadcasting Site for Cam Models
  11. Choosing the Best Site for Cam Models
  12. Creating a Cam Model Profile
  13. Choosing a Cam Model Name
  14. Writing a Bio – Cam Model Tips
  15. Choosing Pictures – Cam Model Tips
  16. Dominating Your Niche – Cam Model Tips
  17. Income Streams for Cam Models
  18. White Label Cam site for Models
  19. Affiliate Programs for Cam Models
  20. Amazon Wish Lists – Tips for Cam Models
  21. Why Men Buy Amazon Gifts for Cam Models
  22. Selling Worn Panties – Tips for Cam Models
  23. Selling Videos – Tips for Cam Models
  24. Places Cam Models can Sell Videos
  25. Making Money with Phone Sex – Tips for Cam Models
  26. How To: Subscription-Based Fan club For Cam Models
  27. Making Money on Skype – Tips for Cam Models
  28. SnapChat for Cam Models: Guide to Making Money
  29. Making Money at Sexting – Cam Model Tips
  30. Marketing on Twitter for Cam Models
  31. Marketing on Facebook for Cam Models
  32. Using Instagram – Guide for Cam Models
  33. Domain Names Guide for Cam Models
  34. Sufficient Internet Upload Speeds for Internet Modeling
  35. Guide to Lighting for Cam Models
  36. Wireless Keyboard and Mouse – Cam Model Tips
  37. What to Wear as a Cam Model
  38. Sex Toys: Guide for Cam Models
  39. Legal Guide for Cam Models
  40. Gaining Confidence as a Cam Model
  41. Asking for Tips : Cam Model Do’s and Dont’s
  42. Affiliate Disclosures
Yes. I REALLY did make $300,000 U.S.D. in the last 3 years.

Let me show you what 300,000 looks like. I have made this money myself. Yes, me personally! I have made every penny of this from internet modeling. I work 3 hours a day, 5 days a week. However, I started out working much more but not in internet modeling or sex chat site rooms. I was instead busy setting up a marketing funnel and brand via social media marketing for cam models. That is why I achieved my success. I first had to establish my brand and then dominate that term in search as something I specialized in. Afterwards I honed my skills, built my following, and along the way I registered new customers to the top cam sites. So many models have this idea that it’s all about getting customers and taking them off the top cam sites to private Skype Shows. They couldn’t be more wrong.

These super popular ‘cam sites’ will be around for ages people! The first step is realizing that your coming at the right time. The 2nd epiphany is realizing that the REALLY big money is in bringing customers in under your performer account and affiliate accounts. This is the golden era of cams and if you do it right you can spend 1/10 of the time you do on cam and make money that keeps coming in each month without any further work. That’s what is so appealing to being a cam model; not the actual modeling part! Now most of my internet modeling income comes in from residual income from users who registered under me. These are users getting shows from other models but those who first registered at the site with my social media marketing.

This is why I place such an emphasis on both starting a white label cam site and using affiliate codes for cam models! So pay extra close attention when reading chapters 18 and 19 above.