sites to sell your cam girl videos on

Best Places Cam Models Can Sell Videos

So you took the time and you have created and edited a bunch of videos. Now what? How do you reach out to as many people as possible in order to make as much money as possible? The best way to make as much money as possible off of your videos is to put them up on as many sites as possible and market those sites on all of your social media. You should have direct links to your videos on your Twitter, your profile page, and you can even do short teaser clips on SnapChat and let people know where to go for the rest of that video as well as others. Make sure that the camming site that you are working for allows you to post these links on your profile page before you do it!

Places Cam Models Can Sell Videos
Sell videos as a cam girl can be SUPER LUCRATIVE and it’s important to maximize your opportunity to make money while not online!

There are two types of sites for you to sell your videos on. One type of video clip site will promote your videos for you. This means they will give you more traffic and more people who might be willing to buy your content. I would suggest signing up with as many of these sites as possible! Often times, these sites will offer subscriptions for your fans to buy which means they can pay a monthly fee in order to have special access to your content. What you should be doing in order to keep these people buying your subscriptions is to upload content often. If they buy a subscription and you only posted two videos that month, they will not buy another one.become a cam model ads

Clips4sale, iWantClips, BitVids, ManyVids, and BentBox are just a handful of websites that offer you a place to sell your videos and do some promoting for you, as well. There are no upfront costs for any of these. Just like webcam sites, they take a percentage of your earnings. The average they take is about 25%. Some take less, others take more. But do not only post on the sites that offer the most payout. Post on every one of them! It is better to have one video on 4 different sites that offer a smaller payout than it is to have your video on one site that offers a higher payout. Another thing you should check into is whether or not they allow you to sell pictures or custom videos, as some do and some do not. That goes for both types of clip sites.
The other kind of site that allows you to sell your videos do not promote your videos for you. However, do not think that these sites are not worth your time! They offer all kinds of things like setting up your own website to sell your content, web design, and even live stream. Think of it as a step towards independence from camming sites. I would suggest picking only one of these types of sites. Having one makes you look more professional as a webcam model and you can start streaming from there instead of using a camming site. Some sites that help with this are OnlyFans, ModelCentro, JustForFans, and AdultMemberSites.

sites to sell your cam girl videos on
Our list of sites you can sell your cam girl videos on will help you make more money camming!

Make sure that you do your research with each site before you sign up to make sure you are able to post the things you want and that you are able to get paid the way you want. Each site is different on how they accept payments from members as well as how they pay their models. So do not skip doing your research.’

And remember it is paramount to choose the right cam site as a webcam girl. These are the top paying nude cam sites based on my experience; balanced against traffic!

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