picking your cam girl name

Choosing a Cam Model Name – Be Strategic!

After all your research, model spying, and equipment investing, you have finally made the decision to take the leap into the camming world! Congratulations and welcome! Now it is time for the important step, choosing your name! Choosing a good model name is crucial in the camming industry. You are going to want a name that stands out and intrigues people from the moment they say it. You want something rolls off the tongue, is easy to pronounce, and even easier to remember. Something that people enjoy saying so much that they come looking for you each time you turn that camera on. More importantly, you will want something that describes who you are and what you have to offer.

Choosing a cam model name
Choosing a cam model name that is a character should fit you. Example performer is wildtequilla from Chaturbate.

So you have to ask yourself, what DO you have to offer? Who are you while you are on cam? What makes you unique and different from the thousands of others who came before you and the thousands of others who will come after you? Are you a sex kitten? A Dominatrix? Perhaps you are wild and carefree? These things matter when you are choosing your name. This will be the name that will be all over your content as well as one of the first things your potential customers will see, second only to your profile picture. So put a lot of thought into it and be careful about what you choose.

If you are going for a character who is a sweet and shy country girl, then you could pick something like Southern Belle or Georgia Peach. A more ambitious and wild country girl might choose something like Texas Tornado. If your persona is a kind, loving, and mysterious domme, you may choose something like Mistress Mystique. Or if you are a strict, unforgiving Dominatrix, you are going to want to choose something that strikes fear and awe into the hearts of your slaves and worshipers. I doubt you will find many people who have an immediate fear of, or are awe struck by a Mistress named Susie Q. Do you see how something as simple as a name can be so important when creating a character? It can literally make or break you in seconds.become a cam model ads

One thing you want to keep in mind, however, is that you may want to use your cam name in your screen name. This gives the audience something to call you by without having to ask you for it. Many of the guys who check out cam models are people who do not have the courage to chat with girls in real life. So make things as simple and easy for them as possible. If they are shy talking to girls on the street who are fully clothed, how are they going to feel when they are chatting with a fully nude or scantily dressed female sprawled out on their bed?

picking your cam girl name
Picking your cam girl name is really important because you want to stick with it and have it reflect you. Example model is KDWOW on Chaturbate.

The last tip I would like to suggest is for you to look up words that you would like used to describe your cam character in a Thesaurus. It will help you find words that might sound good with names that you like. You can also look up the words or names you like in another language or even in Mythology. Make sure you know the story behind the name of the character you choose if you find one in Mythology. Choosing a name like Lilith Demonic and knowing Lilith was the Mother of Monsters makes for a good ice breaker and it gives the viewers the impression that you are well-educated.

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