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Am I Hot Enough To Be A Cam Model

Several months ago, an acquaintance of mine approached me expressing her interest to get started as a cam girl, but it was very clear that she was hesitant about it. When I asked her what was holding her back, I fully anticipated a response like:

“I’m worried about my family finding out,” or “I might not make the money I need.”

Instead, she left me completely flabbergasted. To sum it up, she truly believed she needed to undergo serious appearance changes to even consider camwork, to the extent of involving various cosmetic surgeries.

am I hot enough to be a cam girl
Stop asking, “Am I hot enough to be a cam girl”. It’s about projecting fun! All body types and looks can make it as webcam models. BrookeGirl on streamate is featured model.

As I picked my jaw up off the floor, I assured her, as I am assuring all of you now, that cam sites accept each and every type of body, regardless of a model’s own perceived imperfections. Speaking from personal experience, what you may think is a flaw in your physique could be the very thing that sets you apart from other models.

When I was a young girl, I longed to be a statuesque fashion model and couldn’t wait for puberty to bless me with the curves I envied in movies and magazines. I am twenty-one now. My petite body has scarcely changed from when I was fourteen. In fact, I am not even five feet tall. In vanilla jobs, I was either deemed a prodigy or incompetent, and constantly patronized by customers and older coworkers. In my romantic pursuits, I was routinely passed over by men in favor of more mature-looking women. Once, a guy even rejected me simply because of my small chest.become a cam model ads

Ironically enough, camming has made me the most confident I’ve ever been about my appearance. The things about me I never saw in my childhood idols–a soft stomach, small breasts, and even body hair–were validated, worshipped even, by the minute. My height even became a topic of discussion on a popular podcast I interviewed for, as well as in my chat room!

Still don’t think you can become a top model? Think again.

Try this quick and easy exercise: Visit the cam site you want to work for and browse through the live models on the first three to four pages. Chances are you will find someone that you physically identify with on one level or another, with similar “flaws” as you. Simply having a role model that you can relate to can be a huge confidence booster and reassure you of your own potential success.

being a cam model
Being a cam model is possible for about anyone over 18.

Camming can be great for your self-esteem, but no matter how many times others call you “sexy,” self-consciousness can be difficult to defeat. After all, you can only hide so much when performing nude. On top of that, seeing as social media is an unavoidable marketing necessity, comparing yourself to other models is a natural reflex, detrimental as it may be. Struggling with your self-esteem can be a lifelong battle, so if you need just the right amount of confidence or need to lose just the right number of pounds before you start camming, stop waiting. Think of these as goals that you can work on throughout your camming career, not excuses to delay your SUCCESS.

At any given moment on the most popular cam sites, there are close to two thousand models performing at once. That means that if a viewer pops into your room, they’ve selected you for a reason. Why? Because you’re hot.

Also here is the registration links to get started as a cam girl on the top internet modeling jobs.

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