Best Camera Angles for Internet Models

The Best Camera Angles for Internet Models

Camera angles are going to be one thing that makes or breaks you as a webcam model. The first thing you need to ask yourself is who are you trying to portray and who are you trying to impress? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you with your camera angles.

Let’s say you chose to be a Dominatrix or Mistress. You are going to want to reel in submissives, slaves, and pets. Imagine they are there with you.

Where would they be? Laying on their backs? Crawling on their knees?

You will want them to be able to imagine that they are there with you, staring up at you in all your power and glory.

They are not worthy to be on the same level as you. So feel free to put the camera on the floor with you standing over top of them, or on a footstool so that they can stare up at you as if they were on their knees.

These angles, however, would not work with a model who is playing the submissive role. On the contrary, the model would be the one who is looking up at his/her Master. Therefore, you are going to want to put the camera so that you are looking up at them.

They will immediately feel more powerful and in control of their little pet. Get on your knees on the floor and have the camera on the table or a tripod, or on a tripod on the table. If your customers are able to imagine themselves standing in the room with you, they will be more willing to pay you for your time.

If you are entertaining an audience with dancing, make sure they can see your entire body, or as much of it as possible, as well as your face. Try not to go out of the camera view very often, if ever. There is no sense in doing cool tricks if the audience can’t see the best parts.

Similarly, if you are putting on a naughty show, consider whether POV angles or voyeurism is best. Both angles are hugely sought after. Use Logitech Capture or something similar to practice your angles and help you find out which works best for each show you put on.

If you are not tapping into a fetish like domination or putting on a show, then the best camera angle is slightly above your eyes. As before, you are going to want to imagine you are sitting there with someone. Where would their head and eyes be if they were sitting across the table from you?

Are you both standing up chatting with each other as if you are in a club?

That is where you will be putting your camera. You also want to be looking at the camera as often as possible to give your audience the illusion of eye contact.

So having it near your computer screen is also very important. This angle is also the most flattering for your facial features and lets them get a peek of your cleavage.

Any route you choose to go with, make sure you imagine where your audience would be if they were really there with you. What do you want them to look at? Where do they want to look? Do they have the best seat in the house?

They should.

If they feel that they do, they will be more willing to pay for that cherished view.

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