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Dominating Your Niche as a Cam Girl

When creating your webcam character, you are going to want to pick a niche or a specialty. You are going to want to cater to a particular audience. If you don’t, then you are going to end up trying to please everyone and making them all upset.

Make sure you choose a niche that you can do with ease and something that you have experience with.

I have seen models fail with this so many times. They choose a niche, like Findom, because they think it will get them fast, easy money. All they end up doing is angering their clientele because they have no idea how it is really done or what they are talking about.

So just be sure you know what you’re talking about!

Once you have found your niche, you are going to want to set up your chat space by getting things that pertain to it. If you are a Mistress, have whips, chains, and bondage straps hanging on the walls. Have a tip menu with things like JOI, Foot Flashing, Give the Finger, Smoke Cigarette, and Tribute. Get a Torso and tie him to a chair. Have torture options in your tip menu.

Things like Step On Balls, Whippings, and Cock Tying are only a few of the things you can do to your slaves. Are you classy and sophisticated?

Have books, wine glasses, and maybe a velvet chaise lounge in your room. Put things like Wine Sipping and Erotica Reading in your Tip Menu.

Before getting on cam, check your appearance.

Does it scream your niche?

If you are a Mistress, wear dark lipstick and heavy eye makeup, thigh-high boots, leather pants; anything that makes you look like a dominating Mistress. Are you a true blue country girl? Go easy on the makeup and have cute hairstyles. Invest in torn jeans, tiny white tops, and flannels. Are you a seductive, classy lady?

Take extra special care on your nails and hairdos and wear tight, revealing dresses. Catering to those with a foot fetish? Wash your feet and paint your toenails before logging on.

Take a minute to look yourself over and ask yourself, “Would I tip me?”
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Have pictures and videos available to your audience so they can get an idea of who you are and can enjoy you while you are off cam. Are you a sweet, animal-loving country girl? Have pictures of you feeding goats, going horseback riding, or playing with your dog.

This gives your audience a sneak peek into your life outside of cam and makes them feel closer to you. It also makes your character more believable.

Try not to have anyone else in the photos with you as this will conflict with your cam site as they do not allow pictures of people who are not verified, adults.

Your videos should also have content that pertains to your niche. Always have good lighting and sound quality.

They are paying good money for your videos, so turn the lights on so they can see you. Let them hear your voice. Do not have music playing so that it drowns you out if you have any music on at all. If you are a Mistress, your slaves are going to want to hear your instructions for them.

If you are a seductress, they are going to want to hear your moans of ecstasy.

Looking over your appearance, your room, and your show ideas every day and asking yourself if that fits with your theme will help keep you on track.

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