Maintaining your privacy as a cam girl

Why You Never Give Out Real Information As a Cam Girl

This is going to be the most important information you are going to need as a cam model. The topic of giving out your real information to your paying customers. The number one rule and bottom line to this is simple. DON’T!!! Giving Out Real Information as a cam model is a bad idea.

Giving our your real contact info as a Cam Model to customers is a no-no. Even if your so casual about camming you like to eat on cam. 🙂

Now. In order to be a cam model, you are going to have to sign up with a camming site. You are going to want to give them your real information. They will need to verify you are at least 18 years old and they will need to be able to pay you. Any information you give the website is going to be 100% confidential. They are going to ask for a picture of your ID, and a picture of you holding it. After this verification process, all information you make available to paying customers should be fake.

You will want to make up a character. This character will have a username, a fake name, and a name that you claim is your real name for those people who are persistent about wanting to know your real name. Having this “real” name is also a way for customers to feel like they are closer to you because they feel like they have information that no one else has. Act hesitant about giving them this name and when you do give it to them, make a big deal about making sure they keep it a secret.become a cam model ads

Your character will also need a place to live. I would suggest only using a place that is nearby and that you have visited before. This way, if someone asks questions about the area you know what you are talking about. I live on the East Coast. I tell people I live near Myrtle Beach. It is the same time zone as me and I have been there before. For the persistent people, I tell them I live in Georgia. I do not live in Georgia. I never give any more information than that.

Maintaining your privacy as a cam girl
Maintaining your privacy as a cam girl is really very, very important.

You may be asking, what about people who want to buy me gifts on Amazon? The safest way to do this is to only accept electronic giftcards. They send them to you via email. Before you start camming, you should get an email address specifically for camming and do not put any real information on it or even sync it to your real information. I wouldn’t even set up a P.O. Box because they are then able to see a city and state that you have it set up in. I only accept CashApp, Amazon E-Giftcards, and tokens from the site I work at as payment. Nothing else. If they continue to persist, block them.

Another mistake some models make is giving out their telephone number. By doing this, you are giving them information such as your area code, which they can do a Google search on and find out a close proximity where you live. And lastly, make sure that your camming space is free from anything that could give your location away. Mail, pill bottles, anything with your name or address on it. Your real information should be guarded at ALL costs because your life and the life of the people you live with are at stake. I cannot stress this enough. Be smart and be safe!

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