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Marketing on Twitter for Cam Models

As the last true bastion of NSFW social media, Twitter is the primary place for marketing yourself as a cam model to a mainstream audience. Despite allowing sexual content, however, there are some guidelines to consider to avoid getting your account shut down unnecessarily.

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marketing for cam girls
Be careful with what you use when it comes to marketing for cam girls.

Earlier this year, I woke up to a social media cataclysm. I logged into my Twitter only to discover that it was suspended for violating the platform’s terms of service. I frantically scrubbed through Twitter’s community guidelines, wondering what I had done to incur their wrath. Eventually, I found my answer when I created a backup account and tried following my old mutuals once more. To my dismay, each username I searched was also suspended.

With a little bit of deductive reasoning, I posited that our individual model accounts did not, in fact, violate Twitter’s terms, but we were rather collateral damage as associates to a bot account hundreds of models used to promote ourselves online. After following a few other members in the camming community, my fears were confirmed. The account in question was shut down as spam for re-posting too often and not containing enough original content. This brings us to my first point:

Cam Girl Promo Accounts and RT Groups

Generating an organic following on Twitter by posting content and expecting engagement is simply not enough. Luckily, there are good Twitter Samaritans out there to further our cause! Look for sex-work-friendly promo accounts with high follower counts and a healthy balance of original posts and re-posted content.

Always make sure that the account-holder credits the models they re-post via tagging! This way, their re-posts encourage traffic to flow your way.

Retweet groups act on the same principle and usually operate through a shared mailbox where models post links to their tweets for other members of the group to retweet. It’s easy for your original content to get lost quickly under all those retweets, so make sure to take breaks in between to curate your own content!

Marketing For Cam Girls is About Interacting with Other Accounts/Boosting Interaction

being a camgirl
Being a camgirl is also about not giving away everything and making sure your graphic content is saved for the best times

Twitter is heavily community-based, so take time to brush up on your social skills! If you like another model’s selfie, don’t just “like” it! Comment! Twitter’s algorithms favor posts with multiple replies, so follow the golden rule and do unto others! You can also boost engagement on your own posts by asking questions to your followers, conducting polls, or utilizing trending tags on your posts! Certain formats also receive more engagement than others.

Videos get more clicks than GIFs, which get more clicks than photos, and so on. Keep this in mind when you really want to make a statement! Also get more ideas about what content falls in line with your xxx niche in camming.

Keep it Kosher…Sometimes (More Camming Tips)

Like so many others, you may be tempted to add your cam site link to every post imaginable, especially if you have an affiliate link like me. Rein it in. Posting your links in an RT group or promo post is a no-brainer, but every now and then, just drop a cute selfie or a fun, safe-for-work video to mix it up and leave the links behind! This strategy allows you to gain exposure from more mainstream circles and may even boost your overall engagement as a result.

cam model how to
Any cam model how to will tell you that sometimes less is more and safe for work sexy attire really draws the men in.

Account Settings

Make sure to mark your account as sensitive! This will allow you to post NSFW content without severe repercussions. Keep your profile picture and your header clean and save more explicit content for your feed, but stay away from posts containing ejaculate altogether, as this violates Twitter’s terms of service. Read their community guidelines thoroughly to protect yourself and your account from suspension or deletion.

After several weeks, I finally regained full access to my original account, but I can’t say the same for everyone else. Since then, I’ve shifted my focus to building a strong network of fans and models, crossing my fingers for a progressive and uncensored Internet–one that Twitter is shakily holding together.

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