Maintaining your anonymity as a webcam girl

Keeping It Secret: Advice for Cam Girls

While it seems that sex workers are becoming more visible in our society, sex work is still largely stigmatized, which affects our laws and media every day. Being a sex worker of any kind can be risky for a variety of reasons, so it’s no surprise that many cam models choose to keep their occupation a secret from their friends and family. These days also being a cam model is not about looks and nearly anyone can become a cam model.

If you are among them, the first piece of wisdom you won’t want to hear is: you will be a victim of re-posting and screenshotting no matter what, and sometimes the perpetrator will be none other than the website you work for. Read your contract carefully to avoid getting surprised by this in the future.

Stalking, harassment, and doxxing from trolls or unsatisfied viewers are very dangerous possibilities regardless of the precautions you take to avoid them and there is no guarantee that your career as a cam model will remain a secret. If this upsets you, do not cam.

The crux of these aforementioned precautions, of course, is simple: develop a “camsona.” This person has a different name, age, birthdate, and even a separate mailing address for gifts. It is also particularly important that your camming email address is separate from your personal one, a detail I discovered for myself when some of my personal friends and even one of my managers from my last job tried to follow my alias on Instagram! Luckily, my account was private, so I simply deleted the requests as they came.

You and your camsona might have similar personalities, but it ends there. When you take pictures as your camsona, they are NEVER shared to your personal social media outlets and vice versa. Reverse image searching is definitely a thing.

keeping it a secret that you are a cam girl
Millions of people can see you on cam but taking some steps to keep your privacy is a really good idea. Also nobody looks like this lady so stop sweating it!

I personally took these precautions to hide my cam life once I began (and I still do) out of fear that my family would find out about it. I also made sure to use the site’s geo-blocking feature so my chat room was not visible to any viewers from my locale. I have since opted out of this feature for personal reasons, but if you’re interested in geo-blocking your area, check to make sure your cam site supports this feature. Most major cam sites have a built-in location scrambler to protect their models as well, but video chatting by any other means leaves you incredibly vulnerable. If you’re like me and sometimes take show requests on Skype or other platforms, it is absolutely vital to get a VPN for your PC to protect yourself from those that would go the extra mile to track your IP address.become a cam model ads
Remember what I said earlier about reposting? If you happen to come across a link to your content on one or more tube sites, the first thing you can do is politely contact the site(s) to have the link removed. You can also sign up for services that will do this grueling task for you many of whom off offer flexible monthly rates to remove pirated content from all over the internet.

While you can’t completely hide your tracks, especially if you want to be a top model, I hope these tips have put your mind somewhat at ease. There are privacy protocols to help you cam more discreetly, but in the end, being an internet personality in the adult industry comes with its own risks. If you wish to continue your camming journey with this in mind, stay safe, and happy camming!

Maintaining your anonymity as a webcam girl is a tough if not impossible task but we hope this advice for cam girls helps you in your webcam modeling career.

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