camming on your period.

Camming On Your Period : A Simple Guide!

Yes, today we are actually talking about camming on your period.

It’s that time of the month again. Yes, the dreaded “shark week.” Between the bloating, cramping, random cravings, and generally feeling off your A-game, getting your period can be a serious downer, especially as a camgirl who does sexual shows.

Bigger cam sites prohibit any kind of blood from being shown to deter dangerous self-harm or knife play scenes, but this policy extends to menstrual blood as well.

This can make camming extremely difficult…but not impossible.

cammind advice for that time of the month
Camming advice for that time of the month

Plenty of cam models opt-out of logging on during their period, so there’s no shame in waiting it out.

However, there are a lot of situations where taking personal days isn’t an option, so if your show must go on, here are some personally tested methods for staying online during your monthly flow:

Avoid Vaginal Penetration

This one is a simple, but effective solution that practically eliminates the potential for a messy situation. It does take some blunt communication with your viewers, however. I personally just type a quick memo in my room topic to let my audience know that I can’t do anything vaginal. They’ll take the hint quickly, and if they don’t, I verbally remind them if they press the issue.

You might lose a session or two using this method, but it’s a small price to pay for a clean show.

advice for doing cam shows while on your period
advice for doing cam shows while on your period: Save the crotchless panties for next week homegirl!

Tampons and Menstrual Cups

These are your best friends. If you choose to go with tampons, you’ll want to either cut the applicator string off or otherwise conceal it so it’s not visible during your performance. You will not be able to do any penetration while using a tampon, so stick to clitoral stimulation and other forms of “outside” play! Menstrual cups, however, do allow for some penetration. You may want to reserve them for later stages of your cycle, though, as they can be prone to shifting out of place, releasing the “floodgates,” so to speak. If you do decide to use menstrual cups, I recommend using “soft” menstrual discs over their hard rubber counterparts, as they have more give to allow for toys or fingers.

Clean Your Toys

blood on sex toys
Blood on sex toys probably is not going to be fun.

This tip doesn’t just apply when you’re on your period, but proper toy care is especially crucial if you decide to use them vaginally during menses. You don’t need any fancy tools, either! Just use warm water and mild, unscented soap. It helps to know what materials your toy is made of so you can tweak your cleaning process to suit your needs.

Menstrual blood can harbor all sorts of bacteria and germs that you don’t want near your lady bits. Blood is also more alkaline, so it can severely throw off the vagina’s naturally acidic pH.

This can potentially result in a UTI or a yeast infection, so make sure to stay vigilant!

Camming On Your Period
Camming On Your Period is just a fact of cam girls work and it’s easily done with a lil planning!

Let’s face it. Masturbating while on your period, especially in front of an audience, is a tricky and frustrating task. You might even be tempted to seek out more drastic measures to speed up or otherwise alter your menstrual cycle. Don’t. Interrupting or trying to “speed up” your period is not only pure quackery but can have serious consequences.

No amount of potential money is worth endangering your health!

The risk of an embarrassing situation during your period can make camming seem a lot less fun, but if you manage to pull it off, you’ll realize that nothing can stop you from being confident and sexy! Not even a visit from Aunt Flo herself!become a cam model ads

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