Best Sex Toys For Cam Models

Best Sex Toys For Cam Models

There are thousands of sex toys on the market that you can choose from. Dildos, butt plugs, vibrators, nipple clamps, and even torsos! But which ones are useful to you as a cam model? Which ones are going to make you money? I am going to go over which ones I have found to be useful and which ones I feel are completely unnecessary, though fun to have.

When choosing what toys you are going to use on the cam, you have to make sure it is something you are comfortable using. If you never did anal before, you probably shouldn’t get a bunch of anal toys.

I would also recommend using whichever toys you do buy on your own time before ever getting on cam with it to make sure you know what you’re doing and you don’t hurt yourself using it.
Dildos. This is one toy I do recommend getting as it has many uses and gets requested often.

There are glass ones that allow your audience to see inside of you, suction cup ones that you can stick to chairs, chairs, or even on the wall. And then there are squirting dildos that squirt their juices on you. The squirting ones with suction cups are, in my opinion, the best choice as you have so many options with it.become a cam model ads

If you have a bit of a naughty side, I would highly recommend getting some nipple clamps and butt plugs. Butt plugs come in many different shapes and sizes. There are ones with colored gems on the ends, animal tails, flowers, I have even seen a Donald Trump plug! I have about 10 different plugs and I wear a different one every day.

I like to play a game and let my audience win prizes if they can guess what color plug I am wearing that day. I also have a cat tail and a bunny tail.

Some nipple clamps that are fun to have are ones that jingle and ones that are attached to a collar. A vibrator is good to have on hand, as well.

Now for the fun stuff! The Torso, sex machines, and teledildonics! The Torso is exactly what you think it is. It is the body of a man from the neck to the penis. They also have transgender ones with breasts and a penis and female ones with breasts and a vagina. Any one of these would make for a good show for your audience. It is not a toy very many models have and it is often requested.

You can tie it to a chair and make it your victim, get a kiddie pool and wash it, oil it up, the possibilities with it are endless! It gives you the ability to put on Boy/Girl, Girl/Girl, or Boy/Boy shows without having to involve another person. Sex machines are also an option. It is basically a dildo on a stick that thrusts itself.

Then there is teledildonics! These are your BIGGEST money makers! Teledildonics is an interactive sex toy.

The audience is able to tip the cam model to have the toy react in ways such as vibrating or rotating. The higher the tip, the stronger, or longer, the vibrations are. You have complete control over how much someone needs to tip to get the toy to reach different intensities and lengths of time.

You can also give someone control over your toy by sending them a link that is generated in the toy’s browser settings.

Oh, and before you leave, go through the best camera angles for internet models.

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