Selling Worn Panties – Tips For Cam Girls

As a cam model, you will have the opportunity to sell many different things, videos, pictures, and even your worn personal items. One of the most sought after personal items is going to be your panties. When you choose to sell panties, one thing you cannot forget about is keeping your identity safe. Do not leave a return address and be sure to let the post office know that you are not willing to give out your address to the shipper. Tell them you run a business out of your home and do not want any personal information on your packages. However, if you put your panties in a plastic bag and an envelope, you should not have any issues.

Selling Worn Panties
Selling worn panties can be profitable. They can cost as little as a few dollars and in some cases bring in hundreds.

One thing you should keep in mind, though, is that the post office might stamp your package with their seal. This will give the customer information on what city and state you shipped your item from. One thing you can do to avoid this is to go to a neighboring area, as far as you are willing to travel, and send it from there. Another option, if you have the resources, is to send your sealed envelopes in a box to a friend to another state so they can send out the envelopes individually from their city. This is what I do.become a cam model ads

Now that we got your safety covered, let’s talk about the promoting, selling, and making of your personal items! You will want to try to reach as large an audience as possible. I do this by offering several different styles of panties to my customers; granny panties, thongs, boy shorts, string, micro, and any other kind of pantie I can find. I also offer them dirty or stuffed. The last thing I offer my pantie loving buyers is a video of me making the panties their way. I ask them if there is any dialogue they would like to hear, or a song they want me to play, a particular angle they want to see. Giving your customers the option of a custom made video along with your panties entices them to want to buy from you and you can ask for more money for them! Just make sure the video and audio quality is good or they will feel cheated and will not want to buy from you again.

how to sell your worn panties
Make some extra dough on those knickers girl! This is how to sell your worn panties…

The last thing you need to do before offering your panties is to figure out a price. You will want to consider how much it cost you to buy the panties. Try buying them in bulk so you get a better price. I have found micros for as cheap as a dollar a piece when I bought so many pieces at once. Then you should consider how much time it takes to create your video. Think about how long it takes you to dress up, apply your makeup, do your hair, set up your work space, shoot your video, clean everything up, and send out the package. Another good thing to do is see what other models are selling them for. I sell mine for around $50 each. I cut down on time by making my videos before or after I cam so that I am already pretty for the occasion and my space is already set up. That’s all there is to it! Good luck!

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