Choosing Pictures as an Internet Model

When you set up your account as a webcam model, it is a good idea to have a few pictures on hand. You will be using them for your profile picture, a small album, and several to hand out to members who have tipped you or who have taken you to Private. I am going to give you a few tips and tricks to use to make the most out of your pictures.

The most important picture is going to be your profile picture. This is the VERY first thing potential customers are going to see of you. Remember, there are a sea of models that you are going to be contending with, so you need to make this picture stand out from thousands of other models. It should accentuate your best features and show about two-thirds of your entire body. Your picture also needs to portray who your character is. Are you classy and seductive? Playful and cheery? Are you a Dominatrix or particularly submissive? When a member looks at your picture, they should be given an idea of what you have to offer.

A Dominatrix should have a picture that looks up at her. Perhaps putting the camera on the floor or small table and showing her sitting in a chair. Imagine a red lipped Mistress with a red corset and leather boots and pants, sitting in a chair with the camera angled as if looking through the eyes of her sub from his place on his knees. You can use a photo editor to tone down the colors so that all the colors in the picture are dimmed so only the red stands out. This immediately makes it more dramatic. Make sure the view is not so close that they are looking up your nose!
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A classy and seductive girl will want something a little different. Some ideas for this route would be a sexy, long black dress with a high slit. Sit in a chair with a wine glass and go easy on the makeup. Or maybe you could lay in a bed with nothing on but a white sheet. Hair a bit messy, again, easy on the makeup. Eyeliner and a nude lipstick or gloss as you are portraying that you just woke up. Angle the camera so that the viewer feels he is laying next to you. Show off a little skin, like your bare shoulder and back, maybe a side boob. Another option is to lay on your back and give the a view as if someone were standing over you, the sheet barely covering your goods. For all of these pictures, you can then use an editing tool to make the photo black and white to make it more dramatic. Black and white photos also make it easier to hide touch-ups like stretch marks or pimples.

Just remember that your profile picture should show your face and some of your body. Now that you have your profile picture, you should make two albums. One album is going to be free for members to look at, so don’t show any nudity. You want them to pay for that. These pictures should be teasers. You want people to see them and beg for more. Then you have the other album. Reserve these pictures for paying customers. I like to send little thank you notes with a naughty picture to particularly high tippers, and for everyone who has tipped me in a given month. Customers LOVE that you are showing them a little appreciation!

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