Creating a Cam Model Profile

Creating a Cam Model Profile – How it’s Done!

So you’ve been cleared and verified to become a performer on a cam site. Congratulations!

The very next step before your first broadcast (and arguably the most important!) is creating your cam model profile. Think of your profile as your virtual business card. If you want to make a great first impression, spending some extra time on it can make a huge difference in your viewer interactions and, of course, your revenue!

creating your cam model profile
Creating your cam model profile well makes a difference. It’s like coming to work prepared!

Having signed up for a good handful of sites early on in my career, I’ve realized that most of them follow a similar format when it comes to profiles. So here are the most common fields you will encounter and how to make them pop:


This one’s easy. Height. Weight. Age. Birthday. Pretty standard stuff, right? How could you possibly dress these numbers up?

The answer is: lies. Benign, believable lies, but lies nonetheless. Make yourself a Scorpio if you want to! Think you might be a little too old to appeal to your desired audience? Not anymore! Feel free to fudge your numbers a bit. Emphasis on “a bit.” While you are creating a persona for yourself to present to others on cam, keep in mind that your profile should be at least somewhat believable.

Now just to be clear, I don’t typically advocate lying, but when it comes to camming, not only can you potentially make your profile more appealing with this dirty little tactic but you can also help protect your real life identity simply by providing different biometrics.

What you tweak is up to you, of course! Just think of the sexiest version of you that you could be, and adjust your information accordingly.become a cam model ads


Here’s where you introduce yourself! I highly encourage that you inject as much personality as possible into this part of your profile. The perfect “about” is fairly brief, no more than a couple of sentences, but should still say a lot about you and your show.

Tailor this field to your own expectations and set the vibe for your room. If you are an aspiring financial domme, for example, you wouldn’t put in your “about” that you’re down for some “chill conversations,” would you?

Once you think you’ve written the perfect “about,” put on your sexy voice and read it aloud! If you’ve written a solid introduction, it should sound smooth and natural, enticing your future audience into wanting more of you! If not, it might be time to revisit the drawing board.


Whether you’re on Pinterest or Pornhub, tags are a quick and easy way to find exactly what you’re looking for, and cam sites are no different. I’ve had many customers find my profile by searching a specific tag, and of course, shows ensued from there. Tags can range anywhere from kinks and body modifications (tattoos, piercings, etc.) to personality traits and even aesthetics, #retro being a personal favorite of mine. The more tags that are attached to your profile, the more likely someone will find it, so let your inner social media mogul out and so go nuts!

Creating a Cam Model Profile
Creating a Cam Model Profile Can be very IMPORTANT!

Crafting your camsona can be daunting, but there’s no need to feel like you’re putting on an act. Like any other entertainer, your camsona is simply a glammed up version of you: your likes, dislikes, kinks, and interests! However, keep in mind that as your show evolves, you can change your profile to reflect your growth, so nothing you write down now is set in stone. Your profile is simply the blueprint for your show. Why not have fun and make it a pretty one?

Yes, we will get to it eventually. We know your wondering about which cam sites are best for girls to work on. Camming though is about so much more and white it’s simple to start it takes time to master and so we break down each topic into a more in depth discussion so you can really learn all about being a cam model. From early considerations like giving out private information as a cam model, to choosing a cam model name, to the top places cam girls can sell their recorded videos.

If you really want to race ahead of yourself though I will spit it out. These are the cam sites that pay the best! Just realize it’s about a blend of traffic and percent; neither is a hard or fast rule and it very much depends on your style of site you excel at.

  1. Chaturbate Model Registration
  2. Streamate Model Registration
  3. ImLive Model Registration
  4. JasminModel Registration
  5. Flirt4Free Model Registration
  6. BongaCams Model Registration
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