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Amazon Wish Lists – Tips for Cam Models

As you’ll soon find out, being a cam model gets expensive quick. Expect to spend big on equipment, room decor, tools of the trade, and anything else you might need to maintain your glamorous online image. Luckily for us, the Internet has the perfect solution for those in need of heaven-sent goodies: the Amazon wish list. This feature not only lightens the financial load for many cam girls, but lets fans show models their appreciation in a more personal way, making the Amazon wish list a popular go-to!

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The hot performances are important but so it the off cam strategy. Read all our cam model work tips to maximize your ROI of time on cam

Getting Started

It doesn’t take much to get started, but creating a wish list for your camsona does require a bit of nuance. Naturally, you’ll need to register an Amazon account using your camsona’s e-mail address and username first. The site will then ask for your shipping address. Here’s where it gets tricky. Amazon will have an option that promises to conceal your address from buyers who cross off your wish list. Do not trust them! In many cases, your shipping address will be visible to your generous fans even if you opt for Amazon to hide it. To avoid the potentially unsafe consequences of broadcasting where you live, try grabbing a P.O. box instead! If this seems a little out of your reach, keep your wish list private and take screenshots of the items you’re after to send to your viewers or share online. You can then request Amazon gift cards to treat yourself and your fans!become a cam model ads

Quid Pro Quo

Some viewers will try to trade gifts for your services. Whether or not you choose to barter is up to you, but keep in mind that orders can be canceled well after they’ve been placed, making for a cruel potential scam. To avoid wasting valuable time (and tears!), simply hold your “end of the bargain” until the package arrives to you safely. Your customer might be frustrated that you aren’t immediately gratifying their requests, but a quick explanation should at best dispel their anxieties, or at worst reveal their intentions before you get burned.

Just Because You Can…

Amazon sells just about everything, including sex toys! But despite this internet giant’s reputation for its vast selection and speedy shipping, you might want to leave these naughty novelties off your wish list. Here’s what to watch out for:

cam girl wish lists
Make sure to add those clever items to your cam girl wish lists as well!
  • Counterfeit products: Third-party manufacturers may disguise themselves with fake branding, but use low-quality materials for their toys that pose a serious health hazard. If the product requires a mechanical or electrical component (i.e. a vibrator), it may even be dead on arrival.
  • Used toys (advertised as “New”): Yes, you read that right. Some sellers go so far as to send previously “loved”–even returned–toys to a new home, which aside from being outright gross is incredibly dangerous!
  • Fake Reviews: You may think you can avoid being tricked into buying a knockoff or used product by filtering your search for “Average Customer Reviews,” but this isn’t always the case. Paid reviewers can leave good impressions for bad products, so make sure to read multiple reviews on both sides of the rating spectrum!

For safe sex toy shopping online, I recommend skipping Amazon entirely and purchasing directly from trusted manufacturers. Your body will thank you…in a few ways!

Sharing your wish list with your fans gets them directly involved with your look, cam space, and even your content. This not only brings you and your audience closer, but takes the stress out of reinvesting in yourself and your business. So load up your Amazon wish list and watch the gifts roll in!

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