Social Media Tips For Cam Girls

Social Media Tips For Cam Girls


Social Media Tips for Cam Models to Increase their income!

Learn how to make more money as a live webcam model with social media. Social Media Tips for Cam Models. Cam girls can increase their income using social media and a big part of being a top 1% cam girl is about learning how to use digital marketing, blogging, SEO, and affiliate marketing to build your personal brand and presence on the web! You can be a sex cams superstar or just make a bigger wad of cash on the down low. The level of success you reach is measured in REAL money in your pocket. The way by which (your personal style) is up to you but follow the proven tactics and it’s just a matter of time before your income as a cam girl starts to rise.

Social Media for Webcam Models
Social Media for Webcam Models is more important than the Size of Your Breasts or Butt!
  • Use Twitter 20 minutes before you log in each day
  • Learn how to syndicate your social media updates from Twitter and Facebook – Update your FB page with nonnude images at least 3 times per week. Involve everyday photos and not just suggest pictures!
  • Establish a YouTube Channel for new customer acquisition.
  • Add Videos to Free Porn Tube Sites that link back to your personal website – You want to control the real estate under the search term for your cam girl name as you will later create a WL Cam site under that site and name as well
  • Create Pinterest pin boards for your cam girl name and niche and link between your personal webcam model site and that pin board.
  • Use an original website versus a site in a box. Suggestion: Learn WordPress and avoid fees from sites like ModelCentro.
  • Use less nudity and more erotic fully clothed posts which are more apt to register new users as an affiliate
  • Rely on your affiliate efforts more than time on cam. Remember your goal is to make as much as you can per hour not as much as you can on cam. This means that chasing new users is most valuable off the site versus just focusing on your own cam shows.

    Social Media Tips For Cam Girls
    These Social Media Tips For Cam Girls Are Proven Ways to Increase Your Income.

  • Your goal should ultimately be to become a master cam girl and then make money from your brand (your own cam site) using the traffic you generate to your own profile and the notoriety of that brand. I make a six-figure income now and I spend less than 5 hours a week camming. Depending on the white-label cam site your using, you will then get 20% to 45% of the income from each user you register at your future cam site; whether you are on cam or NOT!
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