Interview w/ Brand New Cam Girl (Gabby) Part 2

Below is a part #2 of an exclusive interview with a brand new webcam model at StripChat. has part 1 of this interview with Gabby Daniels and we are thrilled to host the 2nd half. It’s always super interesting to hear the first hand stories from cam girls as far as their thoughts on webcamming and being that Gabby has just started, this interview shares some neat perspectives from a internet model on how they got their start as a cam girl! For the record,

new webcam girl Gabby Daniels from StripChat

just started a few weeks ago and works at

4. Are you afraid of people you know finding your cam shows? Do you block certain regions? Do you think camming is mainstream now?
Cam girl Gabby Daniels

I am definitely afraid of certain people finding out, as I don’t want it to affect my jobs and business, but I am by no means embarrassed by what I do. I just know a lot of people have strong judgement about the industry as a whole and camming in general. I currently do not block any regions, although I have wanted to, thinking it would lessen my paranoia of people finding out. But some of my favorite members are American, and I feel like I connect with a lot of members when it comes to our patriotism.

5. What are your first year cam girl income goals?
I cant say I have determined an actual goal. Although, I do have minimums. There are certain low amounts that would make it unworthy for me to risk what I am risking.
7. Have you tried other top cam sites like streamate, chaturbate, imlive, camsoda etc? Do you plan to? What do you like about Stripchat?
I have not tried any other sites yet. I think what I like about Stripchat is the familiarity for sure.
8. Secret sexual fantasy?
I always had a fantasy about hooking up with a professor. I actually came very close in college, but once I found out I could do it, I lost interest haha
9. Camming is a job for sure, but certainly in the very early stages it can be pretty hot too for new cam girls when there’s no pressure. Have you had a show that really got you super horny? Tell us more?
I for sure consider it a job, as it can be time consuming and tiring since I do work full time at my day job. I did have one show that was pretty awesome. It was when I got the new Lovense Lush. People were pretty excited about that. However, I do have mixed feelings about it, because some of my regulars don’t like it, and I feel like it detracts from my great butt ;P
My very first show was also exciting because I was so, not scared, but nervous to take off my top. But people were biting at the bit to have me do it for the first time on camera, so that banter was fun.
10. Tell us something super random about you. Favorite recipe, quote, or whatever comes to mind.
Something random about me is that I am actually pretty smart, not to brag. I hold degrees in science and have interest/education in astrobiology. So my favorite quote is, “Life is just a flicker in the universe”. I love this quote because it embodies my “you only live once” attitude, but also ties in my geeky side! Anyone that knows me knows I am a very happy person and am always smiling and cracking jokes. If someone gets me laughing enough, they just might get an embarrassing snort from me! haha
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